Elderly couple spearheading court campaign against noise in Dodge nightclub

A couple in their late 80s are spearheading a court campaign against noise from the Dodge Nightclub in West Donegal, less than two years after they fought a similar legal battle when it was called Voodoo.

Judge Seamus Hughes was told today that the Voodoo owner closed the club and left it in 2009 but now 89-year-old Nelly Roussin and her 88-year-old husband Phil who live just across the road are again at loggerheads with the new owner of the renamed club.

Mrs Roussin, who will be 90 next month, said at Dungloe District Court in Co. Donegal that they can’t sleep at nights. Every night there was a disco, they told the  they were kept awake until everybody went home at 5.30, with people urinating and sitting on their wall.

The couple were objecting to a renewal of a dance licence by Dodge owner PJ Doherty. They live directly opposite his club in Strand Road, Gweedore.

Judge Hughes said he had to take into consideration Mr Doherty’s character and his problems controlling events outside the bounds of his club. The judge added that there had to be a balance.

He advised the Mr and Mrs Roussin to seek legal advice with their campaign.

He said he appreciated and empathised with elderly people who couldn’t get a good night’s sleep, and adjourned the hearing until January 11th.