Mc Brearty apologises for inappropriate language

Labour Councillor Frank Mc Brearty Jnr has apologised for the use inappropriate language during exchanges with County Manager Seamus Neely at County House in Lifford.

At a meeting on October 26th, Cllr Mc Brearty attempted to ask questions during Managers' Orders, and when he was prevented from doing so, he reacted angrily. After the meeting was ended, Cllr Mc Brearty became involved in a number of heated exchanges, with other members and the manager.

However, today, Cllr Mc Brearty who will contest the Donegal South West by-election for Labour apologised, saying he is passionate about the people he represents, and he accepts that he sometimes may over-step the mark in his efforts to promote their interests.

Mr Mc Brearty denies that he has come under pressure from the Labour leadership to issue the statement, and says he does not believe relations between himself and the county manager have been strained......