Hospice founding member seeks enquiry into what’s needed to run it

A former Chairperson and Director of the Donegal Hospice has called for an inquiry into what is needed to run the Letterkenny facility.

Noel O'Connell, who was instrumental in the campaign to establish the hospice, says it's a disgrace that the future of the facility is in doubt. Yesterday, the medical director of the facility said the minimum needed to run the hospice is a consultant and three doctors, while the HSE wants to cut that back to two. Consultant Donal Martin said if that happens, he will have no choice but to refuse to accept new patients from December 21st.

However, it's been pointed out that Sligo Hospice runs with a consultant and one doctor, while the Foyle Hospice is predominantly GP led.

Mr O'Connell told the Shaun Doherty Show this morning that an independent assesment by a medical professional would be the best way to determine what's needed......