Councillors debate anti-social behaviour strategy

A Donegal County Council debate on the introduction of an anti-social behaviour strategy has been dominated by a discussion on one clause which states that the council will seek information from gardai about prospective tenants.

Cllr Frank Mc Brearty strongly opposed this provision, saying the garda Pulse system records arrests, but not court findings, and his fear is it could be used to unfairly tarnish applicants.

He said he believes the Pulse system is unconstitutional, and legal opinion should be sought on the provision.

After County Manager Seamus Neely assured members that legal opinion would be sought, Cllr Mc Brearty seconded the proposal to adopt the policy:


Clr Dessie Larkin, who chairs the Housing Strategic Policy Committee, said he does not believe the consultation is an issue, and there is a full appeals mechanism in place.

He says any information that is received by gardai is presented to the applicant for a response, and there is no question of an application being automatically refused.

He says the new policy allows the council deal with any issues far more effectively: