Deputy McGinley calls for Rheumatology services to be reinstated

A Donegal Deputy says it is simply unbelievable and unacceptable that all of Donegal is being left without a Rheumatology Treatment Unit.

Deputy Dinny McGinley says the decision to withdraw the Rheumatology Clinic from Letterkenny Hospital is another example of the sustained attack on frontline health services in the County.

According to Deputy McGinley the decision  means that upwards of 500 Donegal patients have now to travel to Manorhamilton or Sligo to have their condition treated.

There are now two Consultant Rheumatologists in Manohamilton and Sligo, the second has been appointed recently at a time when the Clinic in Donegal is being completely withdrawn.

Deputy McGinley says it is wrong that  Donegal patients will no be forced to travel long arduous journeys, often over 200 miles on a return trip, to obtain treatment for their painful and often distressful condition.

Having raised the issue in the Dail this week, Deputy McGinley accused the Minister for Health and Children of once more passing the “buck” to the HSE for direct reply.

Deputy McGinley says the decision should be revisited and withdrawn and that the Rheumatology Clinic in Letterkenny Hospital should be re-instated without delay.