Political fallout from budget to spill over into VEC

The Donegal VEC holds what it describes as its quinquennial meeting today, at which the way the political element of how the committee operates for the next number years will be determined.

Under new regulations, the committee chairperson is elected for three years, but in 2006, it was decided to implement a power sharing arrangement under which the chairperson would voluntarily resign and the position change on a regular basis. However, after a meeting of the non-Fianna Fail members over the weekend, FF claim they are being excluded.

FG Councillor Barry O'Neill denies this, claiming that Fianna Fail will be included, but in a fair and balanced way. He told this morning's Donegal News that they have had it so good for so long, and at last year's budget meeting in Lifford, they created their own downfall.