Donegal Aiport re-opens after latest restrictions

Six Irish airports, including Donegal Aiport, have to re-opened earlier than expected this morning after flights were restricted because of the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland.

The Irish Aviation Authority withdrew restrictions on flights in and out of the airports after reviewing the position of the cloud of volcanic ash.

However, we are still being warned to regularly check with our airlines before going to the airport.

Phillip Hughes of the IAA says the winds are keeping most of the cloud out in the Atlantic which could affect longer haul flights.

"The only other thing that's been affected is North Atlantic traffic" he said.

"Because this ash plume is sitting right in the Mid-Atlantic, all the transatlantic traffic are having to go south towards Spain in order to avoid it - which means probably longer flight times and probably some delays to transatlantic traffic".

"But they're still managing to get through at the moment" he added.