Certain crimes on the increase in Donegal

There was a marked increase in the number of reported Burglaries, thefts and drug possession cases in the Donegal Garda division.

However most other crime offences showed a decrease when compared to 2008.

The figures from the CSO show that last year there was 40% increase in cases of Drugs possession with intent to supply, however that was of a relatively low base figure of 30 in 2008.

There was a 25% increase in burglaries while theft and related offences increased by  9%.

Rape and sexual assault incidents fell by 40% with 45 cases recorded - there was also a drop in the number of attempts or threats to murder - 898 recorded last year a fall of 17%.

There was a marked decrease in Drink Driving with a fall of 22% - in the driving category there were 10 cases of abandoning, neglect and cruelty to a child.