Mayor facing no confidence motion as dispute gets personal

A grouping of 19 Donegal County Councillors have agreed to table a motion of no confidence in the Mayor Brendan Byrne over his role in the adoption of the budget in December.

Fine Gael, Sinn Fein, Labour and a number of independents were furious when the mayor allowed Fianna Fail's nine councillors adopt the budget while others were in a meeting outside of the chamber.

Today Fine Gael Councillor Terence Slowey has also launched a personal attack on the Mayor questioning his general behaviour in the chamber: [podcast][/podcast]

Fianna Fail has given its full backing to the Mayor and has called a meeting in Lifford next Monday at which  the party promises to fully disclosure the budgetary process of the last six months.

Party Whip Ciaran Brogan says Councillor Sloweys remarks are a new low for politics in Donegal: [podcast][/podcast]