Terms and Conditions


  • If you are the daily winner, telephone the Radio Bingo claim line on 074 9104833 any time up to 9pm on the day the numbers are called. Leave your name, telephone number, winning bingo numbers and code that appears along the side panel.
  • The jackpot starts at €3000 and increases by €300 each week until it is won, or until it reaches a maximum amount of €9,900.
  • No claims will be valid after 9pm on the day on which the relevant numbers are called.
  • In the event of there being more than one claim on any one day, the prize in question will be divided equally between all winners. If there are no claims the prize will be carried forward to the following day.
  • Players are required to present their winning booklet when claiming a prize.
  • Claimants who send in books must do so by registered post.
  • Donegal Hospice employees, their direct agents and Radio staff are not eligible to participate in Donegal Hospice Radio Bingo.
  • Players are bound by the Terms & Conditions of Donegal Hospice Radio Bingo
  • Donegal Hospice Radio Bingo reserves the right to use winners’ names for publicity purposes.