The Secret Sound on The Naughty Alarm Clock

Tune in every morning after 7am for your chance to win the next secret sound!

Here’s a list of the answers so far for this secret sound.

  • Bowls
  • Hitting balls in a snooker table
  • Chips on an oven dish
  • Toilet Cistern Refilling after flushing
  • Ice Dispenser
  • Skittles in a bowling alley being re-assembled
  • Dishwasher tablet in the dishwasher
  • Jenga
  • Water draining out of the bath
  • Kitchen table moving across the floor
  • Opening a sash window
  • Plastic ball in the tumble dryer
  • Air Hockey Goal
  • Something hitting off the tumble dryer drum
  • Chopping Veg
  • Flushing the Toilet
  • Putting money in a cigarette machine
  • Air bubbles in a water cooler
  • Horse Hoof hitting the ground on a horse jump
  • Noise that petrol tank is full
  • Noise from the chopping board
  • Turning on the Lawnmower Motor
  • Putting wood on a fire