Housing Minister confirms plans in motion for mica redress


The Housing Minister has confirmed that appropriate measures are being put in place with a view to rolling out a mica redress scheme.

As part of his visit to the county, Minister Eoghan Murphy says that Government Officials plan to meet later today to discuss the current status of such a scheme.

It follows a progress update request from the Mica Action Group, they now hope that the Minister will be in a position to present the scheme to Cabinet for discussion in the coming weeks.

Ann Owens Chairperson said: “MAG requested clarification on the current status of the mica scheme; specifically when the scheme will be presented to Cabinet for approval.

“They confirmed that Government Officials are working on this at present and plan to meet later today to discuss . It is further hoped Minister Murphy will be in a position to discuss this with Cabinet in the coming weeks”.

“Another key item of discussion centred around awareness raising on the recruitment of Engineers to ensure that sufficient engineers are trained up to deliver on the scheme when it is launched.

“Following the meeting we feel assured of the Government’s commitment and genuine will to expedite the scheme and we see this as another crucial milestone in delivering our objective”.