Peter Casey says he’s going to sue Leo Varadkar

Peter Casey says he is going to sue the Taoiseach.

The 61 year old told Hot Press that he is taking legal advice in relation to quotes attributed to Leo Varadkar, which accused him of being racist.

Peter Casey revealed to Hot Press that he wants to take legal action against the Taoiseach.

He said Leo Varadkar’s comments accusing him of being racist were wrong. It was after the Donegal-based businessman made controversial comments about Travelers during a presidential election debate.

He went on to say that he believes Ireland should consider leaving the EU and predicts that Michael Martin will have the dubious honour of being the only Fianna Fail leader never to become Taoiseach.

During the interview Peter Casey also outlined how he supports abortion and confirmed he agrees with same sex marriage and gay adoption.

He also gave his endorsement of the campaign to legalise marijuana and discussed his desire to see euthanasia made available in Ireland.