Doherty and Mc Hugh differ on Broadband plan future

A Donegal Deputy has described the broadband saga as yet another major blow to homes and businesses in the county.

Deputy Pearse Doherty says areas of Donegal have endured a poor broadband service for long enough.

He fears that this latest development will only kick the can further down the road:

The future of the government is also under scrutiny this morning, with suggestions that the potential loss of Dennis Naughton’s support may trigger a general election.

Yesterday Deputy Naughton indicated he would support government policy on a case by case basis.

Fianna Fail’s Deputy Leader has played down speculation of an imminent election in the wake of the resignation of the Communications Minister.

Dara Calleary says the party will enter talks on the confidence and supply arrangement with the government, focusing on key policies.

Meanwhile, this morning on the Nine til Noon Show, Government Chief Whip and Minister Joe Mc Hugh said he doesn’t want an election, and also said this will not diminish the government’s commitment to the Broadband Plan…….