Cockhill Bridge officially opened by Taoiseach

The new €3 million Cockhill Bridge in Inishowen has been officially opened today by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

This new bridge spans 28 meters with a 7 meter wide carriageway and two walkways and replaces the 200 year old bridge which is being retained to serve as a new pedestrian and cycle crossing of the river.

At the opening today, Government Chief Whip Minister Joe McHugh said; “There’s been a campaign for a new bridge at Cockhill for about 65 years. And Fine Gael in Government have delivered it.”

He added; “Donegal is the only county with three major roadworks ongoing. We pumped somewhere in the region of €20million into Inishowen, including on repairs to roads and bridges and sports clubs like Cockhill Celtic, all in the wake of last year’s floods.

Minister McHugh said; “We are the first Government to see the need in Inishowen and to do something about it. Cockhill Bridge will be a symbol of that and this Government’s commitment to the region.”