The Secret Sound on The Naughty Alarm Clock

The answer to the previous Secret Sound was ‘opening the cap of a tube of toothpaste’, €930 was won on Thursday 29th March!

See the video of Lee revealing the answer on our Facebook page

Here’s a list of the answers so far for this one. Tune in every morning after 7am for your chance to win!

  • Cracking an Easter Egg
  • Bursting Bubble Wrap
  • Breaking a Kit Kat
  • Opening a Cereal Box
  • Taking the foil off a chocolate Easter Egg
  • Taking CD out of a CD player
  • Cracking open a yoghurt corner pack
  • Cracking the top of an egg
  • Crackling of an open fire
  • Toast popping out of the toaster
  • Pouring fizzy drink over ice
  • Taking lid off tube of Pringles
  • Hitting a golf ball