HIQA finds 7 outcomes of non-compliance at Lifford facility

HIQA has published 21 reports today, with Lifford Accommodation, a designated centre for people with disabilities operated by RehabCare found to have seven outcomes of non-compliance.

During the inspection carried out on 25th January this year, 12 outcomes were inspected, five outcomes were identified as compliant or substantially compliant while major non-compliance was identified in three outcomes and four moderate non-compliance identified.

The inspector also reviewed eight actions required from the last inspection and found that six actions were not addressed.

The inspector said improvements were required in the management of complaints and found that two actions from the last inspection, were not complete.

Following the inspection on January 25th, it was found that there was no evidence of financial audits being completed to ensure the financial support provided to residents to manage their money was maintained appropriately.

The inspector also found that risk management procedures in relation to accidents were not robust and put residents at risk, requiring improvement and fire safety training was not up to date for some staff.

It was noted that two residents had received burns while cooking, (one resident on three occasions) and no appropriate safety measures had been put in place to prevent further repeated incidents occurring.

The inspector found that compatibility assessments had not been completed for residents living together, despite some evidence of conflict between residents.

The report states that there were several adverse incidents that had occurred and the actions taken following the medication errors were not clearly recorded in the post-incident reviews.

In one area of non-complaince the inspector found the governance and management of this centre had failed to ensure a safe service for residents and that significant risks had occurred in the centre and were not effectively managed or systems put in place to manage the risks.