Into the West wants railway line to be extended to Letterkenny and Strabane

The pressure group ‘Into the West’ is calling for a comprehensive look at the prospect for extending rail services in the North West, with Derry at its core.

The group says it’s disappointed that the plans which have been approved for the Old Waterside Station doesn’t reflect its vision, but says the focus now must be to ensure track renewal works continue.

They also want rail to be a key element of the Local Development Plan, including feasibility studies into extending the railway line to Strabane, Letterkenny, and City of Derry Airport.

Spokesperson Mark Lusby says there is huge potential to be realised…………

Derry City and Strabane District Councillor Christopher Jackson says while he respects Into the West’s position, the fact is the council is looking towards funding streams, and he believes the decision taken this week is the best one in light of available resources.

He rejects the suggestion that the council has missed a trick, saying he believes the opposite is, in fact, the case……….