Road safety campaign targets mobile phone use while driving

At a meeting of the Donegal Road Safety Working group where the new phone safe was launched are Kai McHugh, Yout Council, Brian O’Donnell, Doengal County Council Road Safety Officer. Garth Gibson, Donegal Youth Services, Paula Leonard, Alcohol and Drugs Forum, Carlyn Maguire, Doengal Youth Services and Srg. Joe Hannigan. Photo Clive Wasson

The Donegal Road Safety Working Group has launched a new campaign, encouraging drivers to use a mobile phone signal blocker pouch when driving in a bid to target phone use while driving.

Donegal Road Safety Officer, Brian O’Donnell says research shows that mobile phone use by drivers, which is every bit as dangerous as drink driving, has reached epidemic proportions.

The Road Safety Working Group have intoduced a Signal Blocker, a mobile phone pouch that is lined with specialist material and once sealed blocks all calls and alerts to the device.

Mr O’Donnell says those travelling on a daily basis may benefit greatly from the signal pouch, eliminating distraction while driving: