Why everyone is saying the final episode of Derry Girls is absolute class.

Derry Girls


A ‘Big Shop, ‘a ‘dark load’ and ‘step aerobics’ – the opening scenes of the final episode of Derry Girls were certainly full of delightful Nineties #throwback references.

And it only got better as the finale progressed. Indeed, a whole host of fans have taken to social media in the aftermath to state that the concluding episode was the best yet.

I’m in tears watching can’t believe it’s the season finale .. best comedy sitcom iv seen in a long time 😂

Yes, the Channel 4 hit is done ‘n’ dusted until series 2 (which – alas! – hasn’t started filming yet) – but it certainly went out with a serious bang.


‘I don’t really believe in lesbians’ can’t breathe

With classics such as “you can’t move for lesbians – it’s wall-to-wall lesbians,” it had heaps of tongue-in-cheek jokes.

Richard Osman@richardosman

Well that’s the way to end a series. So brilliant, so moving. Congratulations to everyone involved

Otherwise, the Nineties chunes in the episode included Let’s Talk About Sex, Girls And Boys, and Push It. That and an incredible performance of Like A Prayer by Orla McCool defiantly took place in front of her classmates.

Cast of Derry Girls

Cast of Derry Girls

The last episode, tonight at 10pm on @Channel4, and it’s my favourite one of them all

However, in the last moments of the sixth episode, the show took a more poignant turn – interspersing the frivolity of a school talent show with the tragedy of a bombing in which 12 people died.

Derry Girls – we salute you.

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That this-is-the-last-episode-in-the-series melancholy…