David Beckham’s Lego Instagram Post Is #DadGoals

The sports star is clearly a hands-on parent.

On Wednesday, the sports star and father of four posted an Instagram photo of himself with Lego’s Disney Castle kit.

“Page 1 of the Disney castle, 4000 pieces 490 pages of instructions I look confused but I’m so excited,” he wrote in the caption, along with some adorably dorky emojis.

While Legos can be the bane of parents’ existence, Beckham seems like a kid in a candy store. (Maybe he’s never accidentally stepped on one while barefoot…)

Beckham and his wife, Victoria, have four kids ― 18-year-old Brooklyn, 14-year-old Romeo, 12-year-old Cruz and 6-year-old Harper. Based on Instagram, he’s a pretty involved parent. In March of 2016, Victoria posted a photo of her husband sewing clothes for Harper’s dolls. In 2015, he shared photos of his new tattoos, based on his children’s artwork.


Huffington Post